Who We Are

Mod Eerf Media is a Digital Agency based in Charlotte, NC. Since 2020, we’ve dedicated our time to understanding what works and what doesn’t when it comes to brand acceleration - so that you don't have to.  

Digital Presence is key in today's world. Potential clients will make their first impression of your company in just 2.6 seconds. 94% of them will base their decision on design alone.

Our experience in website design allows us to create captivating websites that are both user friendly and responsive so that your visitors can browse with ease, both on desktop and mobile sites.

We realize a perfect website is only one part of your online presence. Social media is becoming one of the most important aspects of digital marketing which provides incredible benefits that allows you to reach your target audience, whether that is millennials in your city or millions of customers worldwide. Proper social media marketing will focus on increasing your brand awareness, creates new leads, and boosts your sales.

We dedicate our time and resources to help brands excel through our unique content and graphics. 

Let us help you get closer to your goals!